Resources: 7 Qualities

7 Qualities to Look for in a 

Home Inspector

Protect yourself. Use this checklist when choosing the best person to inspect your future.

  1. Report Quality: The report should be thorough and easy to read. Is it digital? Is it interactive? Does it include multiple summaries which explain the severity of the home’s issues? Does it include a free video review? Is it written in narrative paragraphs or check the box sheets? Is it delivered within 24 hours? Does it include live links about the findings? To view a sample CHI report, click here.
  1. Reputation & Experience: A successful company relies on quality service and positive reviews. How long have they been in business? How many inspectors they employ and how busy they are tell you how in demand the company is. Check the number of 5 star reviews on their website.  Remember, brand new inspectors may have the book knowledge to pass a test, but the experience of a seasoned inspector is priceless. To learn more about our training program, click here.
  1. Intentions: Some inspectors scare you away from multiple homes to gain your trust and empty your wallet. Look for an inspector who has a reputation for informing you about the home without unnecessary alarm. Our multiple report summary levels help provide clarity without adding panic. To read more about why our report has multiple summaries, check out item #3 here.
  1. Thoroughness: Inspectors are only required to test “a representative number” of windows and outlets and are not required to walk the roof. Make sure your inspector checks every component of the home that they have access to or are permitted to inspect under their standards of practice. Fast isn’t always a good quality.
  1. E&O Insurance: This is VITAL to your safety and greatly impacts your inspection price! Even when careful, no one is perfect. Inspectors are only required to carry general liability insurance, which only covers damages to the home on the day of inspection. Be sure your inspector has E&O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance to protect your from negligence after your purchase the home. Don’t be left holding the bag! Also, E&O is expensive and drives up the bottom line. Don’t choose a cheap inspector for the wrong reasons. If you are strapped for cash, be sure to check out our 6 months same as cash option. No one should settle for lower quality because of price.
  1. Live Staff: It is difficult for inspectors to focus on your home and answer calls at the same time. Be sure your inspector has an office staff so you get 100% of their attention. If problems do arise, you do not want to be put on hold. To meet our staff, click here.
  1. Conflict of Interest: Some inspectors repair/treat what they inspect. Others are related to real estate agents. Make sure your inspector has nothing personal to gain from your inspection results.