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Certainty Home Inspection’s Interactive Report!

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Read Below for the Benefits and How-tos of our Report. 

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Your report is password protected. Log into HomeGauge with the username and password provided in your report delivery email.  Choose the address you’re looking for and click Inspection Report.
AGENT NOTE! All of your past reports will remain here on your dashboard! If you have an existing HomeGauge account, simply log in with our provided username and password this time, and change it back to your existing login information. Now all reports from any inspector using HomeGauge software will appear here together. You can also search for old reports, edit your profile info, update your photo and bio, and leave a personal note for your clients. 

Click Here for a tutorial video.

Welcome to our Interactive Report. This html version allows you to enlarge photos and watch videos embedded within the report.  An interactive Table of Contents follows you on the left margin. You can jump between each category with one click. Your Indiana Termite report can be found under “Attachments” (Kentucky pest inspections are performed by a third party company and will arrive in a separate email). 

Click the Photo Below to See a Tutorial!

AGENT NOTE! Please see the Termite note in paragraph above. Also, there are no page numbers on your html report. You do not need them with our automated repair request list feature (shown later). However, the PDF report does include page numbers and is available at the top of the report where it says PDF. Please keep in mind that our photos are in both the summary and the body of the report. This lengthens the report if printed!

Certainty’s reports are different from, and improved over, the traditional report format. Instead of offering only one summary, where you have to play seek and find to discover which items are severe and which are trivial, we have THREE Summaries, suggested by you, for you! Positive Attributes lists only positive aspects about the home. It’s easy to become bogged down in our findings. This summary helps you remember why you fell in love with the home in the first place. All problems are NOT created equal. This is why Repair Replace lists only our major concerns and Maintenance/Improvement Recommended points out our lesser concerns. Limitations is a bonus FYI so you know what we were NOT able to inspect due to various circumstances. All of these summaries are at the beginning of your report. Other observations, or courtesy notes are made throughout the body of the report.

Also EVERY INSPECTION comes with a FREE video review! Click here to see a sample.

AGENT NOTE! Certainty Home Inspections was one of the first in the area to pioneer the digital report. Our use of three summaries as opposed to one is a direct result of your feedback. Our goal is to make your job easier while keeping the client fully informed!

Leverage Your Time with Our Repair Request List Feature!!!

From your dashboard you can click  Create Repair Request List. This is an interactive list that both client and agent can modify. We STRONGLY recommend discussing this option with your agent before you begin! Each agent has a preference in how to create your request, and for good reasons. Ask your agent if they would like for you to create the list, for both of you to form it together, or if they prefer to generate the first draft and present it to you. Please note that you have the option to see which items or summaries you’d like to review while creating this document. All Items includes everything the inspector commented on or took a photo of (Some of these may be courtesy notes or simple observations). While these items are good to read about, for your repair request, we suggest you select your Repair/Replace, Maintenance Improvement Recommended, and Limitations Summaries to review.

Click here for a SHORT video tutorial! (recommended for clients)

Click here for a LONGER, more IN DEPTH video tutorial! (recommended for agents)


A. Your client DOES have the ability to create/edit the repair request list. While some agents love this feature, others are wary. Please know we CANNOT remove this option. We strongly suggest you discuss this with your clients before the report is delivered so everyone understands how the list will be created (see paragraph above). Both you and the client will have the ability to create, edit, and/or completely erase the list. There are also time stamps and emails to tell you when this document has been changed, by whom, and in what way.

B. As stated above, we recommend selecting the Repair Replace, Maintenance Improvement Recommended, and Limitations Summaries to review. Choosing All Items is unnecessary and will include our courtesy (FYI) notes.

C. If you choose to Accept As Is that item will not be included on your list!

When finished, your list appears with your comments and ours included. This can easily be emailed to various contractors according to their expertise or printed as a PDF and attached to your addendum forms.

NOT ALL REPORTS ARE CREATED EQUAL! Please read our 7 Qualities to Look for in a Home Inspector before price shopping. We hope this information has helped you navigate the helpful features of your report. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us!


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