Estes Septic

Whether your home’s septic tank is starting to back up in the yard, or the grease traps in your restaurant need to be pumped, the professionals at G.D. Estes & Co. have the experience and the tools to get your drain systems back in order. We are fully licensed in the state of Indiana and all of our drivers are 2-way radio dispatched.

We also offer portable chemical toilets and services. We have two models–one for construction sites, and one for weekend rentals and special events. From concerts and festivals, to country fairs and other outdoor events, everyone can use our portable toilets. Not to mention, we also carry handicapped facilities. All units are hand-washed and sanitized before delivery.
We’re proud to say G.D.Estes & Co. has been owned and operated by the same family for over 71 years. We have been servicing all of Clark and Floyd Counties since 1945!