Resources: Home Inspection Checklist

A home inspection is an exciting exercise but it requires a lot of work. This is because there are many things that need to be checked before buying the property.

At Certainty Home Inspections we can help check the house thoroughly for all the major flaws that need repair. We will give a detailed report that will help in making an informed decision when negotiating the sale price and to help the seller to make repairs. While you come to do the home inspection with us, there are several things you should expect us to look at.  Download the list here:

What to look for in a home inspection include but is certainly not limited to the following:


Most plumbing problems are not visually evident and are therefore hard to detect. At Certainty Home Inspections we have a team of experienced inspectors who can easily detect these problems. We check all the pipes, drains, water heaters, vents, and the waste systems. Water pressure is also checked from the faucets to the toilets to make sure there is proper water distribution. The water is also tested for bacteria.

2.Electrical systems

Electrical components need to be checked to make sure they are adequate for the needs of the house and that they are operating safely. The switches, distribution panels, circuit breakers and grounding equipment are tested to make sure they work. The receptacles in kitchens and bathrooms are also checked to ensure they are functional. The location of carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are also noted and checked for proper working.

3.Heating & Cooling Systems

A comfortable home requires a functional heating and cooling system. Our inspection team will ensure the entire heating and cooling system is in good condition, can function optimally and is energy-efficient. The units are checked against their capacity. The chimney is inspected to ensure that it is clear of any animal and bird nests. Supply pipes are also checked for corrosion and blockage.


A roof is important in protecting occupants of a house as well as maintaining the aesthetic beauty of a home. It, therefore, requires a thorough inspection. Our team of experts in Louisville look for defects in fascia, shingles or tiles and confirm if there are any missing, and also check the flashing around the chimney. The skylights and chimneys are checked for any defects and to make sure all sealants are in good conditions. The drains, as well as the gutter, are checked for the presence of debris.


The bathrooms are inspected to make sure the toilets have water, and they can flush. The showers are tested if they have proper working sprays and that the drains can drain water well.


The kitchen is also given a close attention. The ground fault circuit interrupter protection is checked if it exists. Leaking sinks are noted as well as damaged drawers and cabinet doors.


There is need to make sure there is adequate insulation. The ventilating fans are checked if they are working well. The insulation levels in the attics are also examined as well the vapor retarders and the under-floor insulation. The inspector also checks that the floors and walls are well insulated. In addition, they check that the house is energy-efficient and it can sustain comfortable temperatures at low costs.

8.Windows and doors

The number of doors and windows are noted during the inspection. All the locks are checked if they are working well. The windows and doors are also tested to ensure they can all open and close properly and they are not broken or cracked.


Some of the exterior things that are checked include siding cracks, loose boards, flaking masonry as well as blistering paint. Substances that can pose health hazards like mold, odor, and asbestos are also checked. Even the garage door is also checked if it needs repair.

10.Structural foundation

Foundation problems can make a home a very dangerous place to live. During the inspection, we make sure the foundation of the house is solid. We check for cracks and shifts in the foundation, gaps in the walls or at the ceiling and any misaligned doors and windows. Presence of mold on walls can also be a sign of water leakage.

The above home inspection checklist is essential for a comprehensive home inspection by our experienced team and to make sure you get quality for your money.