Customer Service Cycle

Clients and agents rave about our personal and professional process!

Excellent service, very thorough. Step by step guide made it incredibly easy to follow and understand. -Alan H. July 2020

1. Scheduling

One call does it all! Our friendly staff will collect your information, share our services and processes with you, and schedule your inspections.

Once all appointments are finalized, you and both agents will receive a confirmation email with the appointment details. You will also receive information about what to expect and how to prepare for the inspection, how to sign your service agreement, and how to pay your invoice.

2. Inspector Training (Behind the Scenes)

Most inspectors only tour 1-2 homes prior to obtaining their license. To ensure a smooth customer experience, we require all of our inspectors to pass a three month course as they shadow our senior inspectors on roughly 100 homes.

They learn from our 15+ years of experience how to thoroughly inspect a home, explain their findings in an easy to understand manner, build a consistent report, and to perfect our routine so nothing is missed within the home.

3. Inspection/Services

When you arrive on-site, our inspector will greet you, repeat what to expect from your inspection, explain our free warranties, and ask if you have any concerns about the home before beginning the inspection.

When finished, our inspectors will sit down with you and present their findings with a slideshow of photos on their laptop. This review is recorded as a video and included as a link in your report. Feel free to ask questions!

All reports are uploaded within 24 hours sent via email.

4. Follow-Up/Support

Once your inspection is complete you will receive a text, asking for a testimonial online. Two weeks later, our office staff will check to make sure you have everything you need and your closing went well. You will also receive an email explaining our 18 month home warranty available for purchase. Unless you opt out in the first email, you will be contacted twice by our concierge service to see if they can be of assistance.

If you have any questions after the inspection, we are here to help! We also have a process to follow should you need to file a warranty claims or have any concerns.

5. Referrals

Our goals is to provide such an impressive and smooth experience that you’ll recommend us to your friends, family, and strangers on the street! We welcome you to like and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to support us there as well!

Thank you for making your decision with Certainty!