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“Contingent upon a home inspection” means the buyers can walk if the home inspector scares them away!

Don’t risk your time, money, and future on a “good” offer when you could have the BEST!



How Does a Pre-Listing Inspection Work?

Due to our exclusive membership with, we’re able to offer a cutting edge pre-listing process where we not only inspect your home, but help you market your report as well! We call this our Listings to Leads program.


  • Eliminate Surprises That Kill Or Delay Your Sale
  • Increase Home Value
  • Replace “Good” Offers With The BEST offers
  • Earn Money To Reimburse Inspection Costs
  • Generate More Leads For Your Agent To Pursue
    Up to $15,000 in mortgage payments if your deal falls through because of the home inspection!
  • $125,000 In Warranty Coverage Included With Every Inspection
  • 18 Month Home Warranty Available For The 12 Month Price



Inspection Process

Once you schedule the pre-sale inspection, you will receive a confirmation email with the inspection details.

We will inspect the home and provide a report and a free video review.

Repairs and Improvements

You review the report and choose to make repairs, collect estimates, or do absolutely nothing. We advise you to discuss these options with your agent.

We will be in touch with you and your agent every 2 weeks from the date of report delivery to check your progress.

To help you with repairs and maintenance items, we have secured a special offer on behalf of You may click here to read more or view a brochure under the “Pre-Listing Resources” section below. WE DO NOT SELL OR SHARE YOUR INFORMATION! You must enroll yourself in the program if you wish to take advantage of the offer. (This incentive program is not required for Certainty Home Inspections’ prelisting process. It is simply a courtesy for you).

Reviewing the Repairs

When you decide all repairs (if any) are complete, you will contact our office. You have two options. (1) For free, you can send us the receipts of any work you have completed. We will add these to the report as an attachment. The defects you have repaired will still be listed in the report with a note to instruct buyers to view those receipts regarding repairs. (2) If you would rather have the repaired items removed from the report completely, you can call our office to schedule a re-inspect for $125, including 10 items or 1 hour. This re-inspection must occur within 30 days of the initial inspection.

Publishing the Report

When finalized, the corrected report will be uploaded  to along with any photographs and descriptions of the home you and your agent wish to provide. We will NOT be posting a status or price on the home, as our goal is to sell the report only. You CAN provide the report for free if you and your agent decide that is your preference. If you’d like us to add a special note to the home’s page offering this option, we can do that as well.

You will receive an automatic email asking you to publish your home to this site.

Capturing Leads

We will schedule a time with you when we can place a sign in your yard. This sign states that the home has been inspected and instructs interested buyers to text a code to our number. This will take them to the site where they can view the home and purchase the inspection report. Any money collected from the purchase of the report will be returned to you after the home is sold (minus a card processing fee). The information captured from potential buyers will be sent directly to your agent so they can follow up.

Deactivating the Property Site

When the home sells, please contact us to deactivate the property and collect our sign.

Funds collected from purchased reports are delivered 30 days after the site is deactivated.


  • I will have to disclose what the inspector finds.
    A buyer’s inspector will find it anyway…in the middle of a deal. You will either negotiate a lower price, or pay rush charges to have it fixed instead of having time to shop around for the best prices.I will have to pay for the inspection.
    You can accept incentives toward repair costs, helping cover the cost of inspection. Any repairs you make will increase the value of the home, allowing you to list for more money. Negotiations which lower sales price are all but eliminated and you receive money for downloads. You’re likely to make more money than you spend.A buyer’s inspector will find something you didn’t.
    We will NOT find everything. We’re there to find the large money items, not the picky details. Other inspectors will have to look very hard to find something substantial to report. We always adhere to our state standards and are especially thorough on pre-sale inspections for this reason. We want to provide an iron clad inspection. Any new findings will be cosmetic concerns only. To further protect you, we offer free warranties with every inspection. If something does change after inspection (a mechanical failure for example) please check our warranty policies to see if you are covered. Click here to read more.
    Update: We now offer our Seller’s Mortgage Protection Program through Residential Warranty Services, which states that if another inspector finds something we didn’t or something we underestimated the significance of and the repair of this item delays or cancels your closing in any way, then we can offer up to $5,000 per month for up to 3 months to cover your additional mortgage payments. (I’d like this section to stand out in some way – bold, other color, etc).

    What if an AC or something else fails after you leave? Does this work like an insurance policy?
    This pre-sale inspection is NOT a home insurance policy. Inspections may not eliminate all roadblocks to closing, but they do significantly decrease the number of items that will need to be addressed during re-negotiations. Second, every home inspection we do comes with a list of FREE warranties that cover a wide variety of common issues after a home inspection and our new Seller’s Mortgage Protection.

    What if the home sits a long time and new issues arise.
    This is unlikely in today’s market. Regardless, for 10% off normal home inspection price (not other services) we will do a new inspection for the buyer. They will receive a written report after signing our service agreement. We recommend all buyers purchase their own report. They get updated warranties and legal protection.

    What if the home is under contract but has not been removed from your site when an interested person downloads the report?
    We do not want anyone to waste their money on a report that does not have the potential to benefit them. Refunds are easily obtained in these situations.

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