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Here are 21 Home owner painting tips for painting the inside of your home

Painting within of your home may be a very rewarding job; sometimes just getting started may be the most difficult. Nowadays there are many different types and colors of paint to select from merely getting all your paint together may very well be overwhelming.

There are many items to consider regarding the different varieties of paint to choose from. Below is a list and limited explanation to assist you to select what kind will be the best for your project.

1.       Flat or matte finish paint doesn’t necessarily reflect lighting and it’s always the best option to disguise bumps and damage on a wall

2.       Eggshell paints happen to be getting more popular because of the lower shine and durability, these kind of paints can be utilized for a wall paint in any room or living area and perform very well

3.       Satin finish paint features a gentle velvety consistency as well as a slight gloss; it actually is used for wall surface painting as well as trim paint. Satin paint is a wonderful choice when the smooth texture and consistency is actually needed and a little more resilience is required within a bathroom or kitchen

4.       Semi-gloss paint is a shiny long lasting paint normally utilized in kitchen areas and bathrooms; they’re particularly long lasting as well as quite simply wiped clean however the surfaces may show any existing blemishes

5.       High Gloss paints will often be used for cabinets and trim any time a very heavy-duty slick brilliant surface finish is sought after. Another typical use with regard to high gloss paint is for the metal trim or railings.

6.       Ceiling paint, this really is relatively self-explanatory; these types of paints do not cover or wear very well and are specially designed to be applied on your ceilings

7.       Get yourself ready, old clothing, simply no jewelry, older cap and cotton gloves. Making use of throw-away clothes and keeping all of the paint away from your hair is definitely easy enough, and yes put on cloth work gloves; I was taught this approach by a certified painter and the idea works very good

8.       Have all brushes, rollers and roller extension handles, tray, masking tape, enough paint, drop cloths; getting prepared at the beginning permits you to begin and finish without stopping and have to make a visit to your home improvement center

9.       Move all of the furnishings out of the room or space if possible

10.   Remove all of the hardware and outlet covers you can within the room or living area; Never forget Safety First! Zip-lock style plastic bags works out very well at keeping everything together and it is a good time to clean all the pieces

11.   Wash all the walls down, thoroughly cleaned surfaces paint best and also look and feel better when you are done

12.   Fill holes and / or cracks and any nail pops using latex caulk and / or spackling

13.   Do not use silicone type caulk

14.   Sand the wall evenly in case there are actually numerous problems

15.   Tape along the trim as well as along your ceiling that you simply desire to protect; sharp clean intersections help make a paint job look really good

16.   Thin coats are always far better than thick coats regardless what sort of paint you choose

17.   While you are purchasing your paint a very good general guideline is normally: one gallon of paint will cover 400 Square feet of wall space

18.   It is best to paint starting at the top and working down, start with the ceiling then you should paint your wall space

19.   Generally try to maintain a wet edge while you paint, what this means is if you let an edging to dry and begin in the center of the wall it will certainly develop a line which you can notice.

20.   Always maintain enough paint on the roller so that you will keep a consistent even surface.

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