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Posted on: September 11, 2009 by in Inspection Discoveries
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SSSSOOOO! What’s living in your attic?

Do you have an automatic mouse exterminator calling himself “At Home”  or maybe its a bird or squirrel building nests and saying this is it, my new home!   Its not uncommon  in Indiana and Kentucky to find nesting, snake skins or other unwanted pests inattics.  Whatever it is, when Louisville Home Inspections inspects your attic, your sure to know that the problem exists.  If the attic is accessible, we’ll inspect it and tell you exactly what we see lurking in your attic.  We don’t just stick our head in the attic, we walk it, if possible, so that we can see all possible concerns, even the unwanted ones.

Above Left: The only evidence this Snake left behind      Above right: Nest found in an attic

Right: A Snake was trapped trying to enter the soffitt to get into the attic.  Snakes will enter attics due to weather conditions, to find food such as mice and birds and for the heat of the attic.

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