Decide with Certainty: Our Training

If you were being prepped for heart surgery and discovered that this was your surgeon’s first operation, you’d run for the hills! This home may be the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. You wouldn’t trust your health to an amateur, why trust your home to one?

All that is required to become a home inspector is take a class and pass a test. The only field training is a group tour through one or two homes. They print a card, make a website, and BOOM! They’re out there inspecting. Trust us, that is NOT enough to make anyone an expert.

How Certainty Home Inspections Trains Their Experts…

  1. Continued Training: We don’t hire just anyone. On top of earning their license, our inspectors go through a rigorous training program unique to our firm. Each one shadows our senior inspectors on at least 100 homes before we even consider turning them loose. They draw from over 12 years of home inspection experience and learn, not only how to inspect a home, but also how to speak with first time home buyers who may not have a clue what we’re talking about. We teach our inspectors the importance of fully informing you about the home without added panic. One testimonial after another describes our reports as “easy to understand,” and our inspectors as “happy to answer all of my questions.”
  2. “Home Inspection” Experience: Many inspectors put “construction experience” on their brochures. The translation is “little to no inspection experience to speak of.” The problem is, we don’t know if they built the home, or swept the floors. Our team draws from over 12 years of experience IN THE HOME INSPECTION FIELD, meaning, if it can happen during a home inspection, it’s probably happened to us and we know what to do. We are constantly sharing our findings at our team meetings so that we can collectively learn from one another and be more than prepared to handle anything your potential home may throw our way.
  3. Quality Assurance: We didn’t become the largest home inspection Louisville Home Inspection report card with an A Plus grade or score for an excellent review or evaluationcompany in Southern Indiana, with sloppy work. We are committed to excellent service, consistent across the board. In our monthly meetings we not only share our findings but discuss how they should be reported and why.  A benefit of employing multiple inspectors is that there is always someone to keep us in check. You may notice our inspector supervisor popping in randomly during your home inspection to observe your inspector and ensure he is performing to our standards. Reports are also regularly monitored for consistency, and any feedback you provide via our follow up survey is reviewed to guarantee the highest quality home inspection available. You can rest easy that any inspector from Certainty is on top of their game.

We encourage you to make a smart decision, whether choosing us or not. For more information about what qualities to look for in a home inspector, click here.