Window Caulking Maintenance

Posted on: May 4, 2011 by in Maintenance/Safety
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After a period of time it may become necessary for you to re-caulk around the windows of your home. Often times the sun will take its toll and cause cracking and separation of the caulk surrounding your windows. Take a look on how to maintain window caulking with  Louisville Home Inspection. When the caulk pulls apart or cracks this will allow water to penetrate into the window are. Caulk forms a seal for cracks that is flexible. Caulk is recommended on cracks or joints that are less than ¼ of an inch. Caulking varys in strength, properties, and prices but can be used for several repairs around the house. Use caulking around bathtubs, wall trim, windows, and doors. Caulking helps to seal out cold air and it can even help with water damage when used around windows. Water-based caulk can be cleaned with water, while solvent-based compounds require a solvent for cleanup.

Be sure to use the appropriate caulk depending on the job you are performing since there are many types of caulk to choose from. First, decide if you want to use water or solvent based caulk, then decide the kind of caulk you’ll use such as, silicone, painters, latex, kitchen and bath, asphalt or rubber. If in doubt, ask your local home improvement store what would be best. The best time to apply caulk is during dry weather when the outdoor temperature is above 45°F (7.2°C). Low humidity is important during application to prevent cracks from swelling with moisture. Warm temperatures are also necessary so the caulk will set properly and adhere to the surface.

When caulking around the home be sure to follow these tips:

1. Clean all areas that will need to be caulked. Remove any old caulk using a putty knife and make sure to dry the area well.
2. Hold the gun at a 45 degree angle so that when squeezing the caulk it goes into the crack
3. Try to caulk in one continuous line without any breaks or stops
4. Be careful to use enough caulk do not try to be skimpy with what you use.
5. Make sure the caulk is sticking as you apply it to create a nice line of caulk
6. Let go of the trigger before pulling the gun away to avoid excess caulk
7. If the caulk shrinks, reapply it or if it comes out, take a putty knife and push it back into the crack or joint.

You will need approximately ½ a tub of caulk per window plus a caulk gun to perform this maintenance.

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