Window Fogging

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Windows are used in you home to keep the inside air cooler than the outside in the summer time and in the winter, they keep the inside air warmer than the outside air.  Although windows can be an insulator, they do allow some thermal exchange.  When the air outside is colder than the air inside, the windows will be cooler too. When the inside air comes in contact with the windows, it cools down and can’t hold onto its moisture.  This moisture is left on  the windows as condensation or fog.

At night time,  your windows may fog up, when the temperature drops and the dew falls.  Your windows should not fog up unless the inside air is warm and moist.  To keep window fogging from occurring, it is best to install double pane glass since it provides the most protection to cold.  The inside glass will not conduct as much heat so it not get as cold.

There can be different causes to a fogged window such as with single pane windows that will fog due to the humidity level in your home, if this occurs, you may want to consider using a dehumidier.  With double pane windows, you may have a broken/worn seal or poor installation of the window.  In most situation a window company will suggest you replace the window, however, they may recommend replacing the seal first to see if that works.  If the outside of the window is fogging, you may want to consider an anti fogging spray for the window. Louisville Home Inspection can help.

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