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The Only Inspection Company in the Louisville, Kentucky and Southern Indiana Area Certified for Commercial Inspections According to ASTM 2018-08 Standards!

Not Another Home Inspection!

Most “commercial” inspectors in our area offer a glorified home inspection. Your investment is greater, your report should be also! Certainty Commercial Inspections offers a professional commercial inspection, known as a Property Condition Assessment (PCA).

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

We produce a customized, narrative report with photographs of needed repairs, replacements, upgrades, considerations, and recommendations. Items will be assessed according to the year the structure was built, with safety upgrade considerations consistent with current building standards.

What’s the Difference? A home inspection informs you of the functionality and safety of the home’s components on the day of inspection. A PCA reviews the history of the property, and summarizes the immediate and future expenses likely for that property, helping you make a better financial decision before purchase or lease.

PCA Scope of Work

Property Condition Assessments are customized per client’s desires and needs. For more information and a FREE QUOTE call our office or fill out the form below, (866)417-9591.

The following services are offered. These lists are NOT exhaustive.

Basic PCA

  • General Description and Cost Analysis of structures and systems, including but not limited to
    • Site: topography, storm water drainage, access and egress, paving, curbing, and parking, flatwork, landscaping and appurtenances, recreational facilities, and utilities.
    • Structural Frame and Building Envelope: Foundation, building frame and envelope, facades or curtain wall, roofing, interior common Areas, Floor, Walls, Ceilings.
    • Mechanical and Electrical Systems: Plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and electrical.

Additional Considerations

  • Document Review and or Interviews: Review of provided documents, blue prints, service records, etc. that could add to a more in depth cost analysis.
  • Life Safety / Fire Protection: Sprinklers and standpipes, alarm systems, additional systems.
  • ADA Assessment: Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Termite Inspection
  • Radon Test(s)
  • Interior Component Sampling: Windows, switches, outlets, doors, etc.
  • Mechanical and Plumbing Functionality and Testing: Charge per unit. 
  • Vertical Transportation / Elevator
  • Phase I ESA (Environmental Site Assessment): Identifies potential or existing contamination liabilities.

Make Your Commercial Decision with Certainty!

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