Home Warranties Included

Over $125,000 in Home Warranties INCLUDED with EVERY Certainty Home Inspection

Since beginning Certainty Home Inspections in 2005, we began doing a lot of things different compared to other home-inspection companies in our service area of Louisville and Southern Indiana. However, we didn’t know we were that different at the time. We were just treating customers how we thought they should be treated … and the way we would want to be treated, as is The Golden Rule. A couple of our major differences was a100% Satisfaction Guaranteed policy, and including Warranties with every inspection at no additional cost. As a result, we are very happy to quickly find that the name Certainty (as it should) means reliable, no regrets, reassuring and appreciated. Welcome to the details of our Warranties; We hope you find them comforting and offering value beyond the cost of our affordable inspection fees.

NXT Structural Warranty Package

  • 90 DAY WARRANTY (for buyer’s inspections): Limited structural and mechanical home warranty. No deductible!
  • 120 DAY WARRANTY (for pre-sale inspections): Limited structural and mechanical home warranty. No deductible! Transferred to buyer at closing. See details here.
  • SEWER | GARD: 90 Days. The ONLY policy to cover underground water lines and sewer lines against failure due to normal wear and tear.
  • MOLD | SAFE: 90 Days. Covers remediation of new, visible mold after the home inspection.
  • PLATINUM ROOF PROTECTION PLAN: 5 years. Handles the repair of leaks in your roof after the home inspection.
  • NXT STRUCTURAL WARRANTY: 12 Months. Covers structural items in the home where no issues were noted in the home inspection.

Also Available With Every Home Inspection

  • RECALLCHEK: (Included) A lifetime fail-safe system to check for dangerous flaws with home appliances. We take the model numbers off of any appliances we can get to and submit them. You will receive up-to-date recalls on your appliances via email. See details here.
  • FULL CONCIERGE SERVICE AND UTILITY SET UP: (Optional) One call and we will set up all of the new utilities for your new home. Special discounts on home security systems, Direct TV (applicable in the U.S. only), cable, internet and phone. You will receive an email about the program and a link to “Opt-Out” if you do not want to be contacted. If you do not opt out, you will be contacted twice by phone.
  • TERMITE PROTECTION PLAN: (Requires clean report of any WDO) Covers Termites and Carpenter Ants for 6 months after the inspection. See details here.
  • RADON PROTECTION PLAN: (Requires original test results below 4.0 pCi/L). Covers remediation if your first test is acceptable and second test is high. 120 Days. See details here.
  • HOME OWNERS RESOURCE: (Included) Membership based service that provides homeowners with easy access to the information they need to properly maintain and manage their property. See details here.

12 Month Home Warranty

Extended to 18 Months FREE OF CHARGE When Certainty Performs Your Home Inspection!

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