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Louisville Home Inspection report card with an A Plus grade or score for an excellent review or evaluation

Never Hire An Inspector Without
First Reviewing The Written Report!

One of the best ways to judge the quality and professionalism of the work completed by a home inspector is to take a close look at their inspection report. We recommended you avoid an inspector who is unable to produce a sample report for you.

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Whats the difference? Check box vs. Narrative Reports:

Cookie-cutter, check the box style reports are made “one size fits all.” The inspector simply puts an “x” in a box beside the items listed. These reports are cumbersome to navigate with a long list of items which may not pertain to your home. The finished product provides very little information and almost no insight into the inspector’s findings.

Digital, Narrative reports are customized to your home. These will include nearly every visible area and component of the home along with detailed descriptions of concerns. You’ll be able to view clear, digital photos, embedded videos, and live interactive links. These tools help you fully understand the inspector’s report.

Reports from Certainty Home Inspections

Certainty uses HomeGauge software to provide digital, interactive, narrative reports. Our reports are different from, and improved over, the traditional layout. Instead of offering only one summary, where you have to play seek and find to discover which items are severe and which are trivial, we have THREE Summaries, suggested by you, for you!

Positive Attributes lists only positive aspects about the home. It’s easy to become bogged down in our findings. This summary helps you remember why you fell in love with the home in the first place.
All problems are NOT created equal. This is why the Repair Replace summary lists only our major concerns and Maintenance/Improvement Recommended points out our lesser concerns.
The Limitations summary is a bonus FYI so you know what we were NOT able to inspect due to various circumstances.
All of these summaries are at the beginning of your report. Other observations, or courtesy notes are made throughout the body of the report.

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