Sample Home Inspection Report

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Sample Home Inspection Report

Sample Video Review (Free with Every Inspection!)

What Is A Video Review?

When your inspection is complete, the inspector will walk you through a slideshow presentation of his photographs

and explain his findings in his own words. His presentation is recorded as a video and included in your inspection report for later reference. The inspector will create this video even if you are unable to attend the inspection. This is especially helpful when the client is out of state or when only one spouse could attend. This also allows the agent to hear first-hand what your inspector said about any concerns.


Certainty Home Inspection Reports

No check the box reports allowed! We provide an interactive HTML report in a narrative style that’s easy to read and is customized to your home!

  • Embedded Videos & Enlargeable Photos
  • Onsite Consultation & Free Video Review
  • Automated Repair Request List Feature
  • Three Summaries: Defects: Major concerns, Limitations: Areas we could not inspect, Positive Attributes: Positive aspects of the home.
  • 24 Hour Delivery
  • Thorough, Detailed, Full Color
  • Live Interactive Links

How to Access Your Report

You will receive a report delivery email within 24 hours of your completed inspection. Follow the link in that email and log into with the provided username and password. You will see 3 viewing options:

  1. Inspection Report – This is your complete report.
  2. Summary Only – Deficiencies and defects, limitations, and positive attributes.
  3. Report Attachments – Indiana termite inspections and septic inspections are here. Kentucky termite inspections will be emailed to you separately.

How to Read Your Report

  1. Cover Pages: Include a cover shot of the home and a short 360 intro video, followed by some general information and our scope, limitations, and definitions.
  2. Table of Contents: This is interactive and stays with you as you scroll through the report. Look for a tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Video Review Link: Link to the recording of your onsite consultation. We provide a review whether the client attends the inspection or not.
  4. Report Summaries: This is the most important information in the report that we want to draw your attention to. This is NOT the full report. Summaries include: Positive Attributes, Repair/Replace Summary, and Limitations Summary.
  5. Full Report: This includes every detail of our report, including smaller FYI notes, broken down by area of the home.
  6. Attachments: Your Indiana termite report will be here (KY reports are sent in a separate email). Septic reports and other documents will be in this section as well.
  7. Final Remarks: You’ll find an overview of our Free Warranties and a List of “Reasonable Expectations Regarding Your Professional Home Inspection” toward the end. Please refer to these sections prior to calling our office if you run into any concerns following the home inspection.

Automated Repair Request List Feature

Tutorial Video

  1. Log into your HomeGauge dashboard, locate the desired report, and click Create Repair Request List.
  2. In the pop up window, choose which summaries you’d like to view. All Items will show EVERYTHING with a photo or comment. We recommend selecting the Repair Replace and Limitations Summaries.
  3. Each item will appear, one at a time, for you to view. You can enlarge photos, watch embedded videos, and read the inspector’s notes. Choose to Accept As Is (item will not be included on your list) or Add to List.
  4. When you add an item to your list, you can choose Repair, Replace, or Monetary Value and add your own comments below.
  5. You can also “Add New Items” to include requests not listed in the inspection, such as carpet to be replaced.

Your finished list includes your comments and an itemized summary at the bottom. You can save multiple lists for various contractors. Each list can be emailed, saved as a pdf, or printed and attached as an addendum.


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